Absent voters need to renew signatures

PEOPLE who vote in elections by post or proxy are being asked by Rother District Council to renew their signatures.

These so-called “absent voters” provide a signature and date of birth when they first apply, and these details are then compared with the postal vote at election time.

But the law requires Rother to get a fresh signature every five years, as the way a person signs documents can change over time.

This ensures that absent votes remain secure.

Anyone who applied for a proxy or postal vote between February 1, 2007 and January 31, 2008, is being sent a signature refresh form. These will go out next Thursday, January 31.

Recipients can help save the council and taxpayers’ money by responding immediately, as failure to do so means Rother must send out reminders.

Ideally forms should be signed and returned no later than February 21. The absolute deadline to avoid an absent vote facility being cancelled is March 13.

Anyone with a disability preventing them from signing in a consistent and distinctive way, or who requires more information, should contact the council’s elections office on 01424 787825 or e-mail: elections@rother.gov.uk