Acclaimed pianist to perform at Bexhill Church later this month

International pianist, Peter Katin, will be giving the tenth of his annual recitals at St Augustine’s Church on Saturday May 10.

He had the idea when he first moved to Bexhil of filling a music gap, and his first recital proved enormously successful, leading to it becoming an annual event.

Peter reveals choosing programmes can be “difficult” and said: “If I were more adventurous I’d probably opt for some very modern works, but my own tastes have usually coincided with those of the audiences.”

This much-travelled artist, who has been round the world at least four times, has many recordings to his credit, especially those of the Chopin Nocturnes and Rachmaninov Preludes, as well as the complete Mozart Sonatas.

When the recitals started, the Blüthner Piano Centre loaned a concert grand, but had to withdraw sponsorship a couple of years ago. However Pete has two private sponsors who have made it possible to him continue this series - he has no idea how long for, but is aiming for his 90th birthday.

Tickets from Second Spin, 14 Sackville Road, 01424 210894.