Airwaves and brainwaves at Bexhill FM

bexhill fm promo pic
bexhill fm promo pic

It’s finally that time of year when Bexhill FM can unleash what everyone has been waiting for!

The team - based at Bexhill High and using its state-of-the-art facilites - have been working hard over the last few months to secure their place on air and are pleased to announce that their crowd-pleasing summer broadcast, aptly named “Return of the Mic”, has been secured.

Richard Harris, Station Manager, said: “As ever I am proud to work with such a great team and community, I look forward to the exciting months building up to the broadcast. This year our summer broadcast will be live from the 5th July to the 18th July.”

The group of young people involved in this year’s Bexhill FM programming plan to come into the community to seek support, raise awareness and ultimately show that there is a great opportunity for Bexhill’s community for both residents and businesses to connect through the community radio station.

With a fresh schedule this year, including a daily local themed production run by the students of the school and an arts show, this year’s broadcast is not to be missed.

Richard added: “We can’t do any of this without your support. Please follow us on facebook, twitter @bexhillfm”

Bexhill FM has been running since 2001 and is now in its 13th year of broadcast.

The team is looking for any kind of support - from sponsorship, advertising, even just word of mouth – and will plough any funds raised into making sure it can provide this service for the students who do this and the local community.

Businesses interested can email or phone 07595288195