Artist Jaye’s search for the Little Ships from Bexhill

Do you know of any Bexhill boats that were in the Dunkirk evactuation and part of British WW2 history?

Hastings-based artist Jaye Ho has been researching the Little Ships of Dunkirk for her art work in Coastal Currents.

The Little Ships of Dunkirk were 700 private vessels from all over the country which sailed from Ramsgate to Dunkirk to rescue stranded soldiers in Operation Dynamo.

Jaye said: “The flotilla of Little Ships must have been an incredible sight for the soldiers on the Dunkirk beaches...I was fascinated to find out that some of the Hastings fishing fleet and RNLI life boat were commandeered for the Operation, and I wanted to find out whether boats from neighboring Bexhill were also requisitioned.”

Jaye has looked into this further but hasn’t found anything yet.

“I’ve spoken to the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships (ADLS) who have told me that they don’t have any records of boats from Bexhill in their books, but can help should people approach them with specific details of vessels. I would be grateful for anyone to get in touch with me if they have any information.”

The little ships has formed the basis of Jaye’s art work, which is the ADLS flag made out of bedsheets. It is entitled ‘In Dedication to the Unknown Little Ships of Dunkirk’ and will be flown on the Metropole Lawn flagpole from today until October 6. “I wanted to make an art work based around the local ships that were used during Operation Dynamo. I am grateful to ADLS for allowing me to use their house flag for my work. This flag was designed 25 years after Operation Dynamo, and member Little Ships now fly this flag.’ Email