Bag of rice will help buy education for young of Malawi

Bexhill High Academy has launched its Rice Challenge to take part in Fairtrade Fortnight.

The aim is to sell bags of Fairtrade rice and to send off the money raised to farmers in Malawi to make it affordable for them to educate their child.

Student Maria Goptareva, member of the East Sussex Youth Cabinet, said: “One kg bag of rice - who would ever think that it has a greater story other than being made into a side dish?

“Well, this gives more than just a background story to a bag of rice, it provides people with a chance of having a brighter future.

“Ninety bags of 1kg rice can educate one child in Malawi, and in our school 90 bags is equivelent to one pod of students in Bexhill High.

“So if everyone buys a bag of rice the raised money will give one child a chance of having a better future by being educated in a secondary school like ours.

“It is unfair that there are people who cannot be educated because they can’t afford it. If they are not educated there is not much for them that’s left to do.’

The rice is being sold at school and anyone within the Bexhill High community can pay for it within one month of the order being despatched.