Bexhill High making ‘good progress’ say inspectors

Bexhill High Academy
Bexhill High Academy

GOVERNMENT inspectors visited Bexhill High again just before the Easter break - and once again the verdict was very positive.

The controversial £38million Academy has been in the spotlight since it went into Special Measures last year, meaning a number of external and throrough inspections.

Since then the education trust which runs the school has scrapped the unpopular reforms made by former principal Mike Conn, which included teaching massive classes of up to 90 students at a time.

The Trust has also appointed Heidi Brown as a permanent principal.

The Government inspectors have been concentrating on the quality of teaching and learning, and leadership and management- and governance of the academy.

The latest verdict from the informal visit was that the school is making good progress, and Interim Principal Andy Mortimer - who hands over the reins to new Principal Heidi Brown in September - says the results of these inspections should be very reassuring for parents and carers.

‘One of my biggest challenges from the very start of my time here was to talk and listen to parents. We knew things weren’t right and we knew so much had to change,’ he said.

‘And there has been a lot of change, a huge amount of change. The government has realised it is going well and I really hope that our parents and carers, as well as our staff and students, realise that.’

One of the issues at Bexhill High has been teaching in large groups of up to 90 in pods - and in their recent visit the inspectors acknowledged the challenges this brings.

Mr Mortimer said one of the pods has already been converted to allow smaller teaching groups, and it is hoped to spread this in the coming months.

Most importantly, the inspectors spoke about the positive feel of the academy and staff enthusiasm.

‘They are really important words and really important messages. We were over the mood for them to speak in such a healthy way,’ he said.

‘Staff have been through a challenging time - everyone at the academy has - but to have their enthusiasm recognised in such a way is very pleasing.

‘And those two words ‘positive feel’ are very important. It shows the level of progress that has been made here, and indeed continues to be made.’

Mr Mortimer said there is still much to do before the new Principal takes over, including the Year 11 examinations, the results of which will be published mid-August.