Bexhill High praised by its managing education Trust

Pupils at  Bexhill High School with a recently created 'Bexhill Coat of Arms
Pupils at Bexhill High School with a recently created 'Bexhill Coat of Arms

Bexhill High has been given an award by the education group which manages it.

Staff at the school celebrated this week after being given the Leading Parents prize by The Prospects Trust after a concerted effort to better engage with parents and carers of the school’s pupils.

It has been working on an improvement programme since 2012 based around a set of ten objectives, including creating a welcoming environment, encouraging parents to get more involved with school life and making information about Bexhill High more accessible and understandable.

A learning mentor was also appointed by the academy to oversee parents’ engagement, while a number of parent/carer groups were set up to work alongside staff and students.

Bexhill High had an interim assessment in May last year, concluding with a final assessment last month which included a presentation to the assessor on the work the school has completed on parent/carer engagement, the presentation outlining the school’s achievement of the required objectives and a series of meetings with staff, parents/carers, partner agencies and students.

Interim Principal Andy Mortimer said he was very proud of this achievement and thanked the staff. He said: “This is a super reflection of the outstanding work that is going on at Bexhill High, and I believe that the message is starting to get out there in the community.