Bexhill Horse Show Bexhill

Bank Holiday Monday hasn’t always been kind to Bexhill Horse Show and so it proved with this year’s event.

But the prediction of rain and gloomy conditions did not deter riders or their horses from the competition and sheer enjoyment of the show at the Polegrove as one of the organisers, Trish Duckworth, told the Observer.

Bexhill Horse Show, 26/5/14 SUS-140526-130810001

Bexhill Horse Show, 26/5/14 SUS-140526-130810001

Trish commented: “It was amazingly successful for such a horrible day, beyond our expectations. When we saw the rain in the morning we thought that it would be hopeless, but it turned into a very good day and we had plenty of entries. We had an especially good drive, we had ten this year which was wonderful, and it was our best drive ever.

“We want to say thank you to everybody who helped and got soaking wet for us. Thank you to all the sponsors and the spectators for coming to watch us.”


Class 1: Nat Amateur Qualifier 85 cm

1st: Quick Draw McGraw & Steve Perkins

2nd: Pebbly Black Market & Dianne Emmeney


Class 2: National Amateur Championship Qualifer 95 cm

1st: Hera Gestelhof & Ben Barnaby

2nd:Cruise To Touch & Lisa Copper


Class 3: Nat Amateur Qualifier 1m

1st: Oceana Rouge & Ben Barnaby

2nd: Hera Gestelhof & Ben Barnaby


Class 4: Driving –Pleasure Drive

1st: Sir Ben & Fred Matthews

2nd: Lloyd & Paula Woolgar

3rd: Rocky & Lisa Vine

Class 4: Driving – Exercise Vehicles

1st: Beau & Gina Jeffery

2nd: Crystal & Charlie Hyatt

3rd: Ylime Lucky Lad & Christine Buckland

Class 5: Parade Horse

1st: Passing to the Future & Janet Burwood

2nd: Jasper & Nadine Emblem

3rd: Lomero & Penny Powell

Class 6: Unaffiliated Accumulator

1st: Miss Tina Bell & Natasha Bird

2nd: Tiger & Matt Lancaster

3rd: Fly & Maisie Goodsell

Class 7: Local Jumping

1st: Betty Boo & Ellie Collins

2nd: Elegant Rose & Olivia Godden

3rd: Silver Spirit & Sarah Louise Savill


Class 8: Working Hunter

1st: Josh & Katie Yap

2nd: Imperial Act & Claire Miles

3rd: Syd & Wes Smith

Class 9: Riding Horse

1st: Anderida Apollo & Verity Wise

2nd: Louis II & Lisa Smith

3rd: Draco & Holly Hunt

Class 10: Ridden Ex RaceHorse

1st: Kalila & Jess Collishaw

2nd: Fly & Maisie Goodsell


Class 11: Unaff Novice Jumping 1’9

1st: Jet Ski & Micki Corner

2nd: Blue & Kyle Hopkins Parry

3rd: Minstrel Girl & Teigan Pain

Class 12: Unaff Novice Jumping 2’3

1st: Fizz & Hendrick Minderman

2nd: Fly & Maisie Goodsell

3rd: Black Jack & Michaela Moore

Class 13: Unaff Novice Jumping 2’6

1st: Fizz & Hendrick Minderman

2nd: William & Lauren Eilbem

3rd: Pepsi & Kya

Class 14: Fun dog agility

1st: Fizz & Emily

2nd: Daisy & Violet

3rd: Alfie & Pam


Class 15: Best Condition & Turnout

1st: Draco & Holly Hunt

2nd: Kalila & Jess Collishaw

3rd: Panthycoed Catkin & Megan Hassall

Class 16: Lead Rein Pony

1st: Blackhill Tom Tom & Cameron Brown

2nd: Sidley Blue Boy & Freya Bowles

3rd: Westfirles Red Kestrel & Megan Hopkins Parry

Class 17: First Ridden

1st: Pathycoed Catkin & Megan Hassell

2nd: Teddy & Daisy Corby

3rd: Little Joe & Paris Crump

Class 18: Best Rider Under 18

1st: Eclipse Debut & Lucy Hodges

2nd: Zita & Jessica Ashdowne

3rd: Lennie & Elisha Stretton

Class 18: Best Rider Open – Over 18

1st: Draco & Holly Hunt

2nd: Louis II & Lisa Smith

3rd: Jet Ski & Micki Corner

Class 19: Family Horse / Pony

1st: Leo & Alex & Sian

2nd: Little Jack & Marley Rabbettes

3rd: Panthycoed Catkin & Megan Hassell

Class 20: In Hand Small M&M

1st: Westfirles Red Kestrel & Lisa Hopkins

2nd: LLanarth Grenade & Cheryl Hillman

3rd: Bramblewood Amelia & Christine Barkaway

Class 21: In Hand Large M&M

1st: Bromfield Bizarre & J Harding Ash

2nd: Akehurst Royal Silk Heather King

3rd: Wickward Campion & Sally Simmons

Class 22: Heavy Horse/ Cob Type

1st: Louis II & Lisa Smith

2nd: Catsfield Cowboy & Darcey Causden

3rd: Jumbo & Beverley Eatten

Class 23: Ridden M&M

1st: Llanarth Grenade & Cheryl Hillman

2nd: Falcon & Sophie Knott

3rd: Glenmore Trabare Lad & Georgia Brady

M&M Championship

Champion: Bromfield Bizarre & J Harding Ash

Reserve: Akehurst Royal Silk & Heather King

Class 24: Ridden Coloured Horse /Pony

1st: Lil Miss & Gemma Ridgeway

2nd: Catsfield Cowboy & Darcey Causden

3rd: Raphael IV & Kate Coleman

Class 25: Veteran

1st: Randalls Black Jack & Georgia Brady

2nd: King Midas & Vicki Bellhouse

3rd: Bella & Fiona Brenham

Class 26: In Hand Foreign Breeds

1st: Jasper & Nadine Emblem

2nd: Rio & Jo Standell