Bexhill Horticultural Society

At the Society’s AGM held on Saturday 18th January 2014, at St Martha’s Hall, Little Common, the members said farewell to Nicholas ‘Nick’ Hollingsworth who stepped down as President after nearly 30 years service.

It was a remarkable turnout for an AGM with a full capacity of members attending, some of whom were left standing. Nick Hollingswoprth informed the membersthat he became involved with the Society by accident. It was during the time he was a Director of Hollingsworth (car sales and repairs).He was approached by The Society asking if he would subscribe to the Society’s magazine, when he agreed he was then asked to attend a meeting.

When he arrived he was invited to Chair the meeting, as there was no one present willing to do this. From then on, as they say the rest is history, with Nick helping out with the use of his garden and at shows and meetings, and all that is entailed with the organisation of the Society.

Thank you Nick for the service you have given over the years, no doubt this will not be the last we hear from you. Nick then handed the Presidency toMr Malcolm Moss, who has been a member of the Society for many, many years. Mrs Pat Reilly was re-elected as the Chairperson for the

ensuing year. Thank you Pat for continuing with the task of the ‘Chair, and to the members of your ‘Team’.

At the conclusion of the AGM John Proctor gave an entertaining talk on being an independent travellerin St Petersburg and Moscow. His staying at lodgings with local peoplewho in the majority could not speak English. He was surprised at the richness of the icons and religious item displayed in the church’s and Kremlin.

His visit to a Dachau was not the country retreat we would expect but a wooden building with outside toilets and shower. Unfortunately the

talk had to be cut short before the presentation of the slide show due to the time factors. Apologies John but what we heard was very enlightening.

The next meeting of the Bexhill Horticultural Society will be on the 1st February 2014 at St. Martha’s Hall. Doors open at 2-0pm and the talk is by Ian Currie on ‘Droughts, Deluge and Dust Devils’.