Bexhill MP highlights unemployment fall

Local MP, Greg Barker, has welcomed new figures showing that the number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in the Bexhill and Battle constituency has fallen by 30 per cent.

The figures show that 380 fewer people are claiming and that the unemployment level of local younger people is falling even faster as there are now 38 per cent fewer 18-24 year olds on Jobseekers Allowance compared to a year ago.

A statement from the Bexhill MP pointed to jobs created by Marks and Spencers, Hastings Direct and “many thriving smaller and medium-sized businesses in Bexhill” such as the Elva Way Business Park in Sidley.

He said: “The Conservatives long-term economic plan is working for Bexhill and Battle. It’s great news there are now 380 fewer people on unemployment benefit over the last year.

“That’s 380 people no longer relying on benefits to get by, with a more secure, brighter future ahead of them.

“With the economy growing and jobs being created by big businesses like Marks and Spencers and Hastings Direct and our very important smaller and medium-

sized local business it’s clear the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan is delivering.”