Bexhill rowers at St Mary’s summer fair

phil mccorry at st mary's summer fair
phil mccorry at st mary's summer fair

The Bexhill College Endeavour took centre stage at St Mary’s school and college summer fair.

The bright sunshine brought crowds out with many visitors showing keen interest in the Gaby Hardwicke Atlantic Challenge.

Rower Phil McCorry was on hand to explain to the public his aim to row across the Atlantic this year with brother Nick.

The lads were part of the four man Row4Charity team that successfully crossed the Indian Ocean breaking world records in the process.

Phil explained what the event entails and that he and Nick hope to break the current record for rowing the Atlantic Ocean which currently stands at 41 days. Phil described the workings of the boat including the GPS navigation equipment, storage areas for food, the water maker that converts sea water into drinking water as well as their dietary requirements.

The most asked question was: “On a boat with so much hi-tech equipment where are the toilet facilities on board?”... for which Phil produced a red bucket!

Phil explained that even though the equipment was there to maximise safety so minimise the risks associated with this event, making the challenge a success will come down to two things - firstly the weather, as any ocean is unpredictable, but mostly the effort required to constantly row for 40 days plus, rowing two hours on and two hours off.

St Mary’s Development Manager Emma Bourne said: “It was great to have Phil with the boat attend our summer fair, our students were really interested in the boat with many parents having their child’s name put on the boat.

“As part of the event we are promoting Twitter to encourage everyone to comment regarding the Atlantic Challenge which can be accessed by anyone at #Atlantic Challenge 2014.

By posting pictures and talking about the event it raises awareness in a big way as people share their photos and comments.”

Many more people paid to have their names put on the boat adding to the 150 names already displayed with all the proceeds going to St Marys special needs school. A spokesman for the team said: “We are hopeful that by the time the boat is transported to the start we will have filled one side of the boat with up to 500 names. You can have your name added by going to our website & selecting ‘donate’. We also have event T shirts, polo shirts & hooded tops in different colours & sizes that can be ordered by emailing Alex at”

Fran Pass, Emma Bourne, Tessa Sambrook, and Alex Elliott with Phil McCorry.