Bexhill vandals caused traffic light chaos

Vandals caused traffic jams after damaging a set of temporary lights.

The traffic lights at Viking Junction, where London Road meets King Offa Way, temporarily all turned red causing confusion among drivers on Sunday March 23.

Engineers were called and found the lights had been vandalised – causing the malfunction and subsequent disruption. They were repaired and working as usual again by the evening the same day.

East Sussex County Council is responsible for roads across the county and a spokesman for the local authority explained: “Our traffic management crews noted the problems with the temporary traffic lights at this junction while on routine patrol and advised our maintenance subcontractors in the early hours of Sunday morning (March 23).

“It appears some of the power cables and controls for the lights were cut during the night as an act of vandalism. “The traffic light system is designed to fail in a safe mode in this kind of situation, meaning lights either all show blank or all show red.

“The damage did mean some lengthy repairs had to be carried out, which meant unfortunately some disruption was caused to motorists.

“We are still investigating but would urge anyone who has any information about this vandalism to report it to the police.”