Boxing club needs Bexhill’s help to keep changing lives

Bexhill Amateur Boxing Club - Luke Jones SUS-140904-153713002
Bexhill Amateur Boxing Club - Luke Jones SUS-140904-153713002

Boxing turned his life around and now coach Terry Freeman is asking for help from the community to continue the work of the club he set up three years ago.

Terry was a troubled teenager with an uncertain future but he chose a new direction with boxing and wants others to find the same answer to their problems.

Bexhill Amateur Boxing Club - Luke Jones SUS-140904-153703002

Bexhill Amateur Boxing Club - Luke Jones SUS-140904-153703002

“Boxing brings confidence to the timid, discipline to the uncontrolled,” said Terry. “Boxing changed my life. It gives fitness and strength, and teaches you to stand up for yourself but never be a bully.

“When you feel good about yourself life ain’t so hard to deal with.

“It is amazing. Boxing saved me.

“When I was young I lost my way but boxing completely changed me - it moulded me, disciplined me, and gave me a father figure to look up to - my trainer Mick Turner.

“Then I wanted to help change other people - this is me giving back.”

Terry boxed with Mick at Bexhill Amateur Athletic Club then he trained as a coach himself and started the club which is now taking all his time and energy.

Bexhill Amateur Boxing Club has some 30 members at present and, completely run by volunteers, has sessions four times a week at Bexhill Squash and Boxing Club on Galley Hill View near St Richards school.

Money is the issue though as Terry realises help is needed to enable the club to continue and grow.

The boxers are from age nine upwards, and each one has to undergo a medical examination by a doctor which costs £45, it is then £20 for each boxer’s card, and £24 for each coaches card per season.

The club also has to pay £240 per season to be affiliated with the Amateur Boxing Association, and there is the expense of skipping ropes, punchbags, equipment and rent to contend with.

There are also expenses such as headguards and gloves for sparring, which cost £80 each, and boxers cannot compete without the approved ABA logo kit.

Terry has come up with a number of different sponsorship ideas to get the community involved - one way is to buy advertising space inside the gym for a year, another is to sponsor a boxer in the club at a cost of around £350, and another possibility is to sponsor tee-shirts, sweat tops or hoodies for the club, so that a business identity could be seen in competitions and events right around the country.

“We want to raise as much as possible,” Terry said, “We are struggling, and we realise we need to get the community to help us a little bit.” Call him on 07840014432 for details of how to donate or sponsorship deals with Bexhill Amateur Boxing Club.