“Business as usual” at Bexhill High as the Government searches for a new Trust

Bexhill High
Bexhill High

THE Interim Principal of Bexhill High moved quickly this week to address concerns over the announcement the Trust running it is being wound up.

Andy Mortimer insisted: “It’s business as usual.”

He has written to all parents and carers following the Observer’s front page last week - which referred wrongly to Prospects Academies Trust being ‘liquidated’ rather than ‘wound up.’

However, Mr Mortimer stresses that this move will have no impact on the day-to-day running of the academy in Gunters Lane, and there is no cause for alarm.

He said: “It is such a pity that this has happened at a difficult time of the year when Year 11 students are sitting examinations.

But I really want to get the message across to everyone within Bexhill High and the wider community that this is not a disaster, indeed far from it.

I am aware from previous years that certain individuals like to pounce on anything bad about Bexhill High and make it worse.

Of course the situation isn’t ideal, but I want to stress that the Department of Education is already looking for a new sponsor.

A new sponsor will come in and take over Bexhill High, just as PAT did.

Until that happens, our students will notice no difference at all. It is a pity because so much has been achieved at Bexhill High since September, and I firmly believe we have everyone on our side - parents and carers, students and staff.

There will always be some who object to anything, but we have made such positive progress over the past nine months it would be quite wrong for people to start knocking Bexhill High again. There is absolutely no reason to.

People who know me - and I have met many parents, carers and students since my arrival - know that I am speaking the truth, and speaking from my heart about Bexhill High, which I care about so greatly.”

In his letter, Mr Mortimer reassures that the financial position of the academy is secure, and that students’ education will not be affected in any way by the change of sponsor, with the only change being in the area of governance.

The work to removed Bexhill High from special measures will continue and its expected by September all the ground floor pods will have been converted into three separate teaching spaces to allow for smaller group teaching to take place - this was a key requirement of Ofsted.

All existing staff will transfer to the new Trust, and new principal Heidi Brown and her leadership team will take up the reins as planned in September.

Mr Mortimer said he is “absolutely confident” that Bexhill families will have the “excellent” school they deserve, and that recent events at Trust level “will not affect the positive journey we are already on.”

“I hope this reassures you, now that you are able to read the facts rather than what I can only describe as scaremongering.

“Your continued support for your children’s learning and the work of Bexhill High Academy is very much appreciated by myself and all my colleagues.”