Can you give these dogs a home?

appeal for new homes for dogs whose owner died
appeal for new homes for dogs whose owner died

Can you come to the rescue of “two lovely dogs who desperately need a home?”

That’s the question being asked by concerned reader Caroline Knight who contacted the Observer to appeal for help.

She said: “Tia and Roscoe lived very happily in Bexhill with their owner and her many pets - including 16 cats, two pigs and a goat - for many years until she died.

They then lived in her empty house for four months, with a neighbour calling in to feed and care for them.

The neighbour soon realised that they were being starved of the human company that they craved and the dogs were taken to an animal rescue centre - Last Chance in Edenbridge.

They were so desperately unhappy in the kennels that a foster home had to be found urgently.

I am now fostering the dogs and they have settled in well.

It is apparent that they have been very well trained and they really want to please. I am worried for them, as this is a very temporary arrangement and I need to find them either a long-term foster home or preferably a permanent home.

I would hate to have to give them back to the rescue home where I believe they will suffer tremendous emotional stress.

The dogs are nine years old and the larger one, Roscoe, has wobbly hips. He is such a happy character and loves Tia very much. He needs to finish off his retirement in a loving home, and Last Chance can provide veterinary care for those who want to foster rather than adopt.

Tia is very loving and her favourite pastime is to cuddle up on the sofa with a kind human friend. She loves to play with Roscoe - they are the best of friends.”

Ideally their new owner should be retired or based at home as these dogs need the security of human company - they get very anxious and sad when they think they have been abandoned.”

Anyone who thinks they might be able to provide a safe and happy home for the dogs can call Caroline on 01342 850937 or email carolineinthegarden@gn, but will also need to be ‘vetted’ by Last Chance.