Car parking - what is your problem?

Do you have complaints about parking in Bexhill? If so, here’s the chance to be heard - parking problems in town will be the focus of a special Bexhill Town Forum next week.

The meeting will at St Barnabas church, Sea Road on Tuesday May 6, and - as ever - all are welcome.

Members of the public will get the opportunity to ask key local figures what is being done to ease parking issues and to express their own views on the matter.

A panel including top decision-makers will speak and then answer questions from residents.

The panel will include: Rother Cllr Carl Maynard in his role as Lead Member for Transport and the Environment at East Sussex County Council, Sussex police Commissioner Katy Bourne, Rother Police Commander Chief Inspector Warren Franklin and Chair of Bexhill Town Team Hillary Randall.

This event was organised by Forum committee member Paul Courtel who said: “The core issue is a lack of enforcement since the police made the traffic warden redundant.

“People who have bought Resident Parking Permits can find themselves unable to park near their homes and traders can suffer when cars are parked all day outside shops, regardless of a two-hour parking limit.

“Also lorries and vans sometimes have to double park because drivers have left cars in parking bays.”

It is expected that problems in the town centre and in other parts of Bexhill could be raised - such as Collington Avenue where residents recently expressed their anger to the Observer about many Hastings Direct employees using the streets surrounding Conquest House to park in.

Jay Wootten, Hastings Direct’s Community Relations Officer, has agreed to attend Tuesday’s meeting and will report on the company’s proposals for reducing parking concerns in the vicinity of the insurer’s offices.

It’s more than likely many different parking problems will be aired according to the Forum’s founder Margaret Jones who said: “One of the things I feel strongly about is the danger of coming out of side roads into a main road with cars parked right up to the entrance of the side road. You cannot see what is going on - it’s a big safety issue. Cars are parked so closely together. You have to put the nose of the car out before you can see what is going on.”

She cited the Marina as an example of this with cars parked up to the ends of Sackville Road and Devonshire Road.

Parking on double yellow lines is an obvious issue, but she thought the public might also have strong views on charging in car parks and the effect of this on traders as well as surrounding residential streets when drivers opt to park in them for free.

The meeting will start at 6.30pm with refreshments available from 6pm.

“We aim to achieve progress towards solutions at this meeting.” said Paul Courtel.