Centre damaged

The Christmas storms caused extensive damage to the roof of Little Common Community Centre resulting in a repairs estimated to be in the region of £15,000.

Chairman of the Little Common Community Centre Association, Cllr Stuart Earl, said a local resident called to say the felt roof and guttering that covered the tower area of the roof had been torn off and landed in their car park, adding: “Unfortunately it was the first of the bad storms that took the felt off. A local builder is doing his best to make the roof watertight whilst we wait for a decision from the insurers to proceed with repairs estimated to be around £15,000. It’s a major job.”

The centre is a vibrant community hub and home to many local groups, Cllr Earl said it’s important to get the repairs dealt with as soon as possible. “It’s not just the immediate effect, it’s the community who will suffer.” Members of the community rallied round to help with the clean up operation. The library, playgroup and hall remain open.