Compromise on Oasis garden

No concrete path will be built through the Oasis garden on the seafront following a late change of plan by Rother, it was revealed this week.

Following protests which dominated Bexhill Town Forum meetings the wide path - which was intended to better connect the town and the seaside - will now be built in the De La Warr car park immediately west of the garden.

And the pedestrian crossing in Marina will not be moved as originally planned.

Under the revised scheme the crossing will lead people directly to the new path and on to Marina Court Avenue.

Last September, following many protest letters to the Observer and lively debate, members of the Forum voted unanimously to request Rother District Council not to proceed with the Town Centre Steering Group’s plans to redesign the garden, but to consider an alternative proposal.

A compromise plan also won support at the Forum’s November meeting.

There was a further outcry at the following meeting in April this year when many said they did not want any changes to the garden.

Members were urged to write to Rother with individual letters expressing their opposition to the planned changes due to take place at the end of the summer.

Bexhill resident Ron Storkey, who proposed the Forum’s alternative to RDC’s plan, commented: “While the new proposal will undoubtedly be popular with most local people the Oasis garden as we know it will still disappear in the autumn.”