Council claims positive start for new service

Overflowing recycling, missed collections, confusion, a lack of brown garden waste bins - where exactly is the improvement in Rother District Council’s new service?

That’s the question some residents are asking while the council admits to “teething troubles” as crews worked overtime to catch up.

There’s been praise for frequent communication and information about the service but also criticism from those left with rubbish and recycling they don’t know how to deal with.

One common problem appears to be when brown bins are not yet available for households with green bins already full of garden waste they cannot get rid of, as they have nowhere to put their recyling inside for it to be taken away.

Residents Nicholas Munro told the Observer he was “not at all happy” as his bin was not emptied on Thursday June 26 and left until July 3. He said: “In the past, when such omissions have occurred the contractor has returned the following day. In my view, service is now worse than before.”

Richard Paine posted on Facebook that his rubbish was not removed on the usual day, and there was a two week wait for collection, while three trucks arrived in his street for the brown bins to be emptied. He added: “Monumental error.”

Stacey Strachan’s comment was similar to others in that her rubbish was collected but the recycling was overflowing.

Gemma Amy Leigh commented: “The new system obviously needs time to roll out and the employees are having to learn all the new routes,” while Rosalind Clayton praised the service for informative emails and directions and added: “Spot on, so excellent. The bin men have always done a brilliant job for us.”

Rother is claiming the switch to the new waste and recycling services is being hailed “an overall success” with Cllr Tony Ganly, cabinet member for waste and recycling, commenting: “While there were some teething troubles as crews got used to the new collection rounds, staff worked hard throughout the week and part of the weekend to make a success of the new scheme and as of Monday (7) there were just 100 outstanding bin collections out of 44,000 bins across the district.

“We’d like to say sorry to anyone who did experience disruption and we’d ask people to bear with us as we continue to implement what will be an improved service for everyone.”