Council promise to reduce impact of next bridge closure on Sidley

The demolition of Ninfield Road Bridge will soon begin amid assurances from East Sussex County Council it is trying to minimise disruption and impact on local residents, traders and drivers.

Work has already taken place to move services, such as electricity, gas, water, and telephone lines, from the old bridge to an adjacent temporary structure.

As soon as other preparations have been completed the road will be closed and the demolition of Ninfield Road Bridge will begin once the piles have been installed for the new structure.

Part of the new Link Road will be used as a temporary diversion when Ninfield Road Bridge closes.

Traffic will be able to use the new road between the bridge and the junction with Belle Hill (A259) and London Road (A269) whilst it is demolished and replaced with a new crossing.

Bob Pape, East Sussex County Council Link Road project manager, said: “We have a duty to residents and businesses to minimise disruption and the temporary use of this partially completed section of the new road significantly reduces the impact of the closure of the bridge on local residents and road users.”

The Link Road team has been working with local councillors, Sidley traders and residents to explain the issues raised by the construction work, and has responded to a number of points that have been raised.

Additional signs have been placed at various locations where diversions are in place highlighting access to Sidley village in order to raise awareness of facilities for non-residents.

Mr Pape added: “We appreciate the construction has caused some temporary inconvenience for some residents and businesses, and we are grateful for their co-operation and support.”

Sidley trader Jay Carroll, who has worked on the high street for 25 years since he left school, told the Observer he was worried about the closure, and concerned about traffic flow being maintained so as not to deter drivers and customers.

He said: “I am hoping it will be better than when Woodsgate Park bridge was shut and they were also working on the other one - because that was an absolute nightmare.

“I am trying to remain positive about it but I am worried. If it ends up cutting Sidley off, which I am hoping it will not, that is a problem.

“But I am waiting to see what the impact on us will be.”