Council rejects controversial housing plan

Residents from the Ellerslie Lane area protesting against development plans
Residents from the Ellerslie Lane area protesting against development plans

Relieved residents have reacted positively to the Rother District Council’s decision to reject a controversial planning application.

Orbit Homes had designs on a plot of land in Ellerslie Lane and has asked the local authority for permission to build 44 new homes on the Moleynes Mead site.

Had it been given the go-ahead, the development would have included 19 new detached homes, a pair of garage linked houses, six semi-detached properties and 17 terrace houses.

There would have been two new access roads - one off Ellerslie Lane serving half a dozen of the new homes and a second directly onto Fryatts Way for the bulk of the properties.

However, Rother District Council’s planning committee rejected the proposals at a meeting last week – much to the delight of the concerned residents who had banded together to fight the plans.

More than 100 people wrote letters to the council objecting to the scheme on the basis it was an over-development of the site, the strain the new homes would put on on-street parking and the scheduled demolition of an historic property.

Council officers recommended the committee refuse permission and councillors voted in favour of turning down the plans last Wednesday.

A spokesman for the residents of Fryatts Way, Ellerslie Lane, Concorde Close and the surrounding area told the Observer: “We are very relieved the application was turned.

“A large number of objections had been submitted to the plans.

“These included the over development of the site, inappropriate design, on street parking, demolition of a heritage asset house, poor road accessibility loss of established trees and disturbing wildlife plus the impact on existing residents. The planning committee was 100 per cent in agreement in rejecting the application and agreed with the points raised by both residents and local councillors.

“Members of the committee also voiced their opinion that the existing house, that was to be demolished under the plans, was of sufficient architectural and historical interest that its destruction would be detrimental to the area. Residents had had a very short period of time to react to the proposal but had worked together to retain the ambience of the existing area.

“One councillor was surprised that the plans for such a development had reached the planning application stage as it was considered so inappropriate for the area.

“Naturally though there still remains concern about the future of this site.”

Orbit Homes has the option to appeal the decision or return with different plans if it wishes to continue attempts to secure development on the site.