Day of Action nabs 60 parkers

Tesco lorry blocking the pavement at Collinton October 30, 2012
Tesco lorry blocking the pavement at Collinton October 30, 2012

A CONCERNED Bexhill resident fears that a Tesco lorry parked on the pavement and inconsiderate motorists causing obstruction at a parade of shops in Collington are putting people’s lives at risk.

Jean Mears took the above photograph on Tuesday (October 30) and claims both the Tesco lorry parked on the pavement outside Tesco Express, and illegally parked cars on double yellow lines on Collington Avenue, are an everyday occurrence. Jean said: “The pavement is completely blocked for pedestrians, especially for mums with single or double buggies, the elderly with motorised scooters or people with walking sticks. It would be far too dangerous to walk via the road. In addition, traffic coming out from Colebrook Road would be unable to see any approaching traffic from their left.

“Shouldn’t something be done about this? It could be an accident waiting to happen.”

A spokesperson for Tesco said its vehicles should be parked with the minimum risk to both the public and their staff.“The safety of our customers and colleagues is very important to us, and we always try and ensure our lorries park well inside our delivery area. On the rare occasion they take up space on the pavement, we are always grateful to customers who make us aware of this.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and will remind our drivers of the correct area to park in.”

Bexhill Police enforce parking restrictions in the area and urge anyone who witnesses an offence to contact them. Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Roy Collins said: “We have been in contact with Tesco and have been assured that this situation should not happen again. They said if a lorry driver does park in a way that obstructs the pavement, and a member of the public cannot get by, they can always speak with a member of Tesco staff to have it moved back.

“As the PCSO for the Collington area I will continue to monitor the situation. I’d like to ask anyone witnessing vehicles causing an obstruction or parked in an illegal, dangerous or inconsiderate manner to contact us on 101 at the time of the offence so that an officer can be assigned to deal with the problem.”

Sergeant Dan Russell of Bexhill Police said it’s important the public remain vigilant. “I would like to reinforce PCSO Collins’ message and ask anyone witnessing vehicles causing an obstruction to contact us on 101.”