Do yourself good in 2014 - fitness expert James Boardman tells us how to start making a difference

fitness at bodyshock fitness
fitness at bodyshock fitness

So is 2014 the year you finally tackle exercise ?

It can be a daunting thing to start; what to do ? where to go ? How much do I have to do, what do I have to eat? how much is it going to cost me ?

Keeping fit is important; you wouldn’t drive an expensive car with no oil or water, it simply wouldn’t run efficiently. Your body should be treated exactly the same way.

Healthy living shouldn’t be a phase you go through or a quick fix, it should be a long term change, something you incorporate into your lifestyle. At Bodyshock fitness we have a saying; GET FIT, STAY FIT.

At Bodyshock Fitness we have a vast range in age, and abilities, we come from all backgrounds of life with different personalities, but during the time we exercise we all have the same aim and that’s to improve our way of life. Getting fit is a difficult process, and one of the biggest decisions that could affect your life for the better. So many people that come to our classes have not only become a lot fitter but have built up self confidence in their everyday life making constant positive decisions. Being fit and healthy enables a healthy mind, bringing in the concept ‘healthy body healthy body’ does actually exist. However though this is all well and good it’s trying to convince those that are too worried to attend, not having the confidence to leave the house.

Starting fitness can be difficult; you may question yourself whether you can do this, or if you are going to be last, or the least fit.

The answer may be yes but that is why you are there. In most cases, the people you seeing running past you have all been where you are now and built themselves up. The first step is always the hardest, but once you take it the rewards are endless.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to lose a shed-load of weight straight away, results take a while to come and you must not only judge your results by what a set of scales say. We all live in fear of this which puts unnecessary pressure on ourselves, which can take away the fun of exercise.

There is so much more to fitness than this, just look at the achievements it brings; take the 18 women that couldn’t run for more than three minutes at the beginning of September and then completed the Poppy half marathon. It changed many of their perspectives of what they were capable of by seeing what could be achieved by hard work and determination.

Vary your training; we actively encourage our clients to take part in other activities such as swimming, cycling, tennis or any other sport. This not only gives you different experiences of exercise and fitness but also works the body in other ways and keeps it guessing. This why our circuits are always different; if we stick to the same regime our bodies adapt and become used to what we do, reducing the benefits that we see.

However you decide to get fit in 2014, make sure you make it a way of life and not just a fitness session.