Dog killed in unprovoked seafront attack

A dog-lover says she is scared to walk her remaining Yorkshire terrier after losing a second pet to an unprovoked dog attack.

Kaymarie Stephens was exercising her Yorkie on the beach path at Galley Hill when another dog attacked it – leaving nine-year-old Tiggy with a bite wound which punctured her lung.

Tiggy was taken to the vet where she was later put to sleep, leaving Mrs Stephens to appeal to fellow dog owners to keep their pets under control and on a lead when there are other animals about.

She said: “Tiggy was on her lead but the other dog wasn’t. In fairness to the lady who owned it she said it had never done anything like this before and she did not realise how serious the injuries were, but I believe there should be a law making all dogs be kept on a lead on public paths and that the owners of dogs who attack other dogs should be made to pay the vet bills.

“It was horrible and has left us heartbroken. If owners just kept their dogs on a lead it would stop problems like this. It is the second time I have lost one of my Yorkies due to injuries caused by another dog.”

The first time was back in 2008 when an Alsatian mauled and killed the family pet Shep when it was being walked by Mrs Stephens’ 16-year-old son in Bolebrooke Road.

Animal-loving Mrs Stephens says losing two of the family’s three Yorkies in similar circumstances has left her too scared to walk her dog in certain areas and says something needs to be done to stop it happening to other animals – or worse.

“It could have been a child,” she said. “The police say they cannot do anything because it wasn’t a person but to use she was our baby. Her mum is now walking around our home looking for her. It is heart-breaking.

“Everyone thinks they know their dog and how it will behave but it should be a case of better safe than sorry.

“We have now lost another dog, been left with vet bills and will have to pay £200 to have Tiggy cremated.

“It could have so easily avoided.”