Eating towards education with Fairtrade rice

Bexhill campaigners preparing for Fairtrade Fortnight (February 24 to March 9) are aiming to “eat into education.”

Spokesman Jack Doherty is urging residents, schools, businesses and organisations to buy, sell and relish fairly traded rice which will enable children in Malawi to go to school.

He said: “A simple fact we take for granted here is that 100% of teenagers attend mostly Bexhill High, Bexhill College, St Richards, St Mary’s Wrestwood Road and Glyne Gap. In poor Malawi in Africa, only one in three teenagers goes to secondary school because their parents don’t earn enough and can’t afford to pay. What a dismal future for these children and their country.

“However we can easily change that now. Unbelievably it only costs £243 to educate a pupil for a year in secondary school in Malawi. This is equivalent to the cost of only 90 bags (1 kg each) of fairly traded rice.”

“No money is required up front. By doing so you will be eating someone out of poverty into education. What a gift for a fellow human being by trading justly without having to send aid.” If anyone would like to buy some or organise an event to sell rice please contact him on 01424 214605 to discuss.