Epic voyage from Wales to Bexhill

The rigid hull inflatable boat
The rigid hull inflatable boat

An epic 10 day voyage of an Atlantic Class Rigid Hull Inflatable Lifeboat comes to an end this weekend when it arrives at Bexhill beach, culminating with a two month exhibition in the rooftop foyer of the De La Warr Pavilion (DLWP).

The Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RIB) embarked on the 10 day, 550 mile voyage from St Donats to Bexhill and is due to arrive on Bexhill beach tomorrow (July 5).

The journey aims to gain support and awareness for a new commission for the students of Atlantic College – to design a new rescue boat for inland flooding.

In 1962, the visionary educator Kurt Hahn opened the United World College of The Atlantic in South Wales. It brought together young people from all over the globe in the belief that boundaries are broken when people are put in situations of adversity and rescue. Due to the college’s seafront location, students were asked to become engaged in a service which protects and saves lives. After two years of experimentation and testing, the RIB was launched and became the most successful rescue boat in sea-faring history.

As part of the DLWP’s Dear Serge events the history and one of the original prototype RIB’s will be exhibited July 5 - September 7.