Eye-opening trip for Bexhill vet student

STUDENT Veterinary Nurse, Emily Adams, has recently returned from a trip to South Africa where she worked alongside local Veterinary Surgeons and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Inspectors.

Emily, is studying at Plumpton Agricultural College to become a Veterinary Nurse, and works full time as a Student Nurse at Bexhill’s family run Claremont Veterinary Group, where colleagues encouraged her to take part in the once in a lifetime opportunity to South Africa.

Emily’s mum, Jean Ottley, said her daughter has always had a great love and interest for animals which Emily says she received from her late father, Robert Adams. Jean said: “Emily can remember going on fishing trips and visiting game fairs with her father from an early age, but this all seems quite tame now in comparison to the experiences she encountered whilst in South Africa.

“Her rewarding and eye opening trip consisted of assisting the local SPCA inspector visit townships to assess and offer treatment to pet dogs and cats. The experience and training she gained in her day to day working life at Claremont Veterinary Group enabled her to offer support and advice to pet owners in the townships and plenty of love and attention to the hundreds of poorly animals.”

Emily also visited the famous Born Free Sanctuary and learned about the fund raising involved. Several presentations were given regarding conservation and Rhino Poaching in South Africa during Emily’s stay, of which she described as a “heartbreaking” experience. Emily also got up close and personal with a cheetah called Olah in the Spotted Cats Conservation Centre, an experience Emily said was “surreal”, adding: “Although Olah is tame, she’s still a wild animal and it was scary.”

Emily says this “incredible insight” has inspired her to use these experiences and memories to develop her career further as she looks forward to entering her second year of Veterinary Nurse training in September.