Farmers’ Market goes from strength to strength

A stallholder at Bexhill Farmer's Market in August
A stallholder at Bexhill Farmer's Market in August

Bexhill Farmers Market will return this month after public demand put paid to plans for an eight-week break.

Organisers of the popular event hadn’t scheduled markets for January or February but decided to back-track on their plans because punters were keen to see the stalls open again as soon as possible.

Promotions manager Helen Kay explained: “Well, it was intended the market would close during January and February but the good news is that, such has been the demand from both customers and stallholders, the market will reopen on January 10 for a winter season.

“Owing to the likely severity of the weather during this period, there may be a few less traders and it will not be possible to erect our normal stalls: stallholders will trade using their own gazebos.

“However, we hope our customers will continue to support the market come rain or shine (or snow) and we’ll certainly be back in full swing in March.”

It has been quite a year for the market, which was held the 40th and final time in 2013 on the Friday before Christmas.

As Nick Hollington, chairman of Bexhill Farmers Market Association (BFMA), told the Observer: “A year ago, with no funding and doubts from so many quarters whether an outdoor weekly market could survive in this windy square, things looked bleak.

“However, I have been privileged to work with an extraordinary group of people who have been utterly committed to make Bexhill Farmers Market a regular feature of life in Bexhill. Now, as more and more traders apply for stalls and our existing stallholders come forward to take part in managing the market, the outlook for the Bexhill Farmers Market in 2014 and beyond is very bright indeed.”

Having enjoyed a successful 2013 – capped off by a superbly-attended pre-Christmas market - the team at BFMA has been quick to thank all the customers, stallholders and supporters.