Feisty centenarian loves technology

Bexhill College students national trust film
Bexhill College students national trust film

A passion for politics could be a secret of longevity but so could a willingess to move with the times.

Mary ‘Molly’ Tubbs - who is celebrating her 100th birthday - wins on both counts and is a keen user of computer technology who enjoys downloaded music, sending texts and Facebook.

A 100th birthday party was held for her at The Coast Bar and Grill with some 30 family members present, including son Mike and daughter Linda, and grandchildren Joanne, Chris, Anne, David and Mike, plus great grandchildren.

Her son Mike commented: “It was lovely - there were lots of photos from the past around the room, and her music was playing - all from the 50’s and 60’s.”

Molly’s favourite is Night And Day by Cole Porter.

The get-together was on Saturday afternoon but Molly’s actual birthday was on Monday when she welcomed visitors to her home on De La Warr Parade.

She was born in Faversham, Kent, and her family moved to Westfield where her parents were head teachers at the village school. She got married to Harry in 1934 and he ran the village garage opposite the school.

She moved from Sedlescombe to Bexhill some ten years ago and although she has given up going out to play Whist she remains fiercely independent and is a great fan of modern technology - she has an Ipad and mobile phone so keeps in constant touch with everyone. She enjoys political programmes on television, such as Today In Parliament, which she records for viewing and she reads The Guardian newspaper every day.

“She is very with it,” said Mike. “Much more so than the rest of us. She is feisty - she says ‘cantankerous!’ - and has strong views. She and my father were a great support to us all when we were starting up in life. I would not change her for anything.”

Daughter Linda said: “We are all so proud of her that she has reached this grand age.”

Grand daughter Anne Stanley said: “Molly is an inspiration to all. She still lives independently, has been on Facebook for many years and has music from the 50’s downloaded on her IPad. Some people say that her secret for longevity is her passion for politics.”