First year in new home as BRC looks to future

26/11/11- Members of Bexhill Rowing Club outside their new boathouse.  Photo by Steve Hunnisett
26/11/11- Members of Bexhill Rowing Club outside their new boathouse. Photo by Steve Hunnisett

It’s been a momentous year for Bexhill Rowing Club now celebrating its first anniversary in its new home. The club is one of the most successful in the country and looking to a glittering future with new champions to match or even better the achievements of the past.

The club house officially opened on February 25 last year and a year on there is a waiting list for junior members for the first time with 32 youngsters ready for the 2013 season. To consolidate on interest following the London 2012 games, senior rower Kieran Cahill created junior training sessions with some 50 youngsters turning up for circuit training in preparation for coaching on water at Wallis Haven. It’s not all about juniors though as the club has more male and female members than ever currently training in readiness for racing for the club.

BRC’s Matt Mitchell believes the club “has never been so strong” with these increases in membership and equipment although the additional wear and tear as well as keeping up with new boat design means additional expense for which the club must look to sponsors for help. Matt commented: “The development of the club has enabled a greater partnership with another local rowing club, Eastbourne. Sharing facilities at Wallis Haven has enabled us to work together to increase the amount of time we can spend on the water with new members and also the current “racing” members. We share our boats and blades taking in turns to train at specific times during the weekends. The facilities there are very limited, in that it is just a shed owned by Eastbourne College, so the next phase of development is to view these facilities with the hope of expanding the storage area in the future. With all the new members last year and the move, it does not seem possible that the club could have performed well. However, with the dedication of the members, the club pulled together to win the CARA league, CARA Grand, Senior Aggregate, Men’s Senior Four, Ladies Senior Four, Men’s Senior Pairs, Ladies Senior Pairs, Mens Senior Sculls, Men’s Vets 50+ and Mens Novice Sculls. A feat only possible through the support of the public and the hard work and dedication by the members. The club is investing in the future of the sport with the learn to row and Junior programmes and it is with great anticipation that we look forward to the next generation of rowers.”