Fly tippers have ruined lane

My wife and I use the small lane (Herbrandt Walk) from Cooden to Pevensey Roundabout.

It is a lovely ride through the marshes, but it is spoilt by all the fly tipping.

It seems that every time we go through this lane, there is another pile of rubbish dumped in a gateway.

It must cost us rate payers thousands of pounds to clear away this rubbish.

I would like to know why more is not done to catch these dispicable criminals who dump their rubbish in a gateway and let others pay to clear it away. Nowadays with so much technology around it should be fairly easy to catch these fly tippers.

You can buy cameras that run on batteries for a month, and they can be discreetly hidden, they will send a text or email as soon as they are activated, and cost around £200, I know because I have one to capture wildlife on, they also work on infrared.

It is about time the council and the police and the farmers who own the land got together and did something to catch these dispicable criminals.