Forum appeal for new faces

Elections for an executive committee to lead Bexhill Town Forum into its second year as an independent body will be held at the next meeting on September 16.

With up to eight places available, the current committee will welcome anyone willing to help out with a particular role such taking minutes at committee meetings or as treasurer.

A change in the rules agreed at the last Forum will enable the new committee to elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman from amongst their members.

“Over the past year we have become very aware of the amount of work involved in running the Forum, work previously undertaken by an Officer from Rother Democratic Services,” says Acting Chair Paul Courtel.

“We need a full working team to share the responsibilities.

They need to be residents with a knowledge of the town and an ability to grasp the issues that particularly interest or concern people.”

He added: “Whilst many issues involve East Sussex County Council or Rother District Council, the Forum is there to consider any aspect of our lives as residents. These include education, public transport, medical and fire services or police matters.

We would warmly welcome representatives from organisations that specialise in such areas who can keep the Forum up to date with what is happening.”

Without a Town Council or an Area Committee, which would give residents a bigger say in how the town is run, the Forum is vital as Bexhill’s leading consultative body.

The changed plans for the Oasis Garden as well as the recent appointment of three new PCSOs in Bexhill demonstrate that we can make a difference.”

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Executive Committee should email or write to Bexhill Town Forum, c/o Rother Voluntary Action, 1 Buckhurst Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, TN40 1QF.

For more information, please phone the Acting Chair on 01424 222 761 or the Press Officer on 01424 845 736.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, 10th September.

Applicants will be invited to address the Forum for up to 2 minutes at the 16th September meeting that will be held at St Barnabas Church on the junction of Sea Road and Cantelupe Road starting at 6.30pm.

Refreshments will be available from 6 pm.