Forum talk on sustainable housing builds

What sort of housing development will be built on the North East of Bexhill – and how sustainable will it be? Are council policies in this area bold enough?

Following Government guidelines Bexhill must provide a significant number of new homes, and Bexhill Town Forum will next week hear from planning expert Chris Lewcock how such edge-of-town developments can be made sustainable, providing residents living in the homes with minimum heating, lighting and water bills.

The forum on Tuesday will hear from him how greater energy sustainability can be achieved.

He will also review the range of ”instruments” and “influences” that are available to force or restrain more energy sustainable developments.

A retired town planner, natural resources research manager, and university lecturer, Mr Lewcock will sketch out the planning policy framework and explore what it all means for those pressing for a more sustainable development. There will additionally be a presentation on town regeneration.

His talk will be followed by questions from the audience. The meeting, at St Mark’s church, Little Common, will start at 6.30pm with refreshments available from 6pm.