Fraudsters latest scam hits the elderly and vulnerable

Fraudsters continue to target Bexhill’s vulnerable and elderly and police urge residents to resist being duped by these unscrupulous criminals following another attempt to deceive a local resident into handing over hundreds of pounds.

In the most recent incident, on Monday June 9, there was a courier fraud attempt on a Bexhill resident who was wise enough to suspect foul play and called the police.

The female resident received a telephone call at approximately 2pm from a man alleging to be from the Ministry of Justice.

He claimed to be calling in relation to PPI (payment protection insurance) and said that the resident was owed £2040.

Before being given the supposed money owed the man told the intended victim that she needed to pay a £250 admin fee. He asked her to go to a local shop and purchase a cash conversion money voucher to the value of £250.

The fraudster then instructed the victim that she would then need to go back to her home address and await collection of the voucher from the Ministry of Justice.

A Sussex police spokesman said thankfully the recipient of this suspicious telephone call realised that this was a scam and contacted police, adding: “We want to encourage everyone to continue to resist telephone calls like these and to please pass on this information to friends and relatives who may not be aware of this particular type of targeted fraud which looks to exploit elderly and vulnerable people.”

This recent scam attempt is the latest in a long line of incidents to hit the local area.

Last year a 90-year-old visually impaired lady was tricked into handing over her bank card and pin after a fraudster rang and addressed her by her name.

She was told that they would deliver a new bank card and destroy the old one. The ‘new’ bank card was blank.

The police spokesman said many people are being taken in by the tricksters . “No genuine organisation will ever ask to collect money or bank cards from your home or ask you to confirm a PIN (personal identification number).

“If you doubt the credentials of anybody calling or asking for bank details or instructing you to withdraw money or purchase a money voucher, call police immediately on 101 quoting Operation Edisto. If somebody is at your address, or on their way to your address, expecting to collect money or bank details, call 999.”