GCSE red letter day for students across Bexhill

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Bexhill pupils performed well in their GCSE exams following an overhall of the exam system.

Pupils at St Richard’s Catholic College rose to the challenge of the new examinations and increased grade boundaries to achieve high grades.

A total of 75 per cent of the year group achieved five or more A*-C grades including English/Maths with 85 per cent of them achieving five or more A*-C grades across all subjects and appeals in a number of subjects could raise headline figures further.

Fifty per cent of subjects taken were awarded 100 per cent A*-C grades and the average grade per pupil was a ‘B’ grade.

Doreen Cronin, principal at the college said: “The staff and I are really proud of the pupils and their achievements. Highly talented, contributing enthusiastically to all areas of school life, their GCSE grades now give them a firm foundation on which to build even greater success in the next stage of their educational journey. I am also delighted with the results of our Year 10 cohort who enjoyed significant success in GCSEs taken in core science, RE and German and our Year 9 Astronomers who achieved 100% A*-C grades.”

At Bexhill High Academy, 58 per cent of students achieved five GCSEs or more all at grades A star to C. The number who scored at least five A to C including English and Maths was 50 per cent.

A total of 302 students took GCSEs at Bexhill High and the big success was Maths where 66 per cent of pupils scored between A star and C.

The same figure for English was 57 per cent.

Three top achievers each scooped a total of 11 grade A stars to Cs overall - Will Edwards, Atalie Scrivener and Laura Quinn.

Interim Principal Andy Mortimer said: “As with many other schools nationally, this year’s exam results have proved challenging with a change in the grade boundaries. There is no doubt this had had an effect on our English grades, and indeed the national picture on English is a sharp decline in achievement. That said, our Maths results were excellent and other subjects performed extremely well, and I am also delighted at the individual achievements of some of our young people. The last 12 months at Bexhill High have been very challenging while, at the same time, exciting and successful on so many fronts.”