Getting ready for the future world of work at St Richards

St Richards school job interview technique
St Richards school job interview technique

Year 10 pupils at St Richard’s Catholic College have been making the most of their Careers Programme to prepare for the world of work.

Bexhill Rotary Club joined forces with the school in an event to give pupils the experience of a 20 minute interview with one of 52 employers - all of whom were volunteers, from not only Bexhill Rotary Club but from other Rotary groups. Parents as well as other business people from across the local area also made up the group of employers.

The pupils found their mock interviews to be a useful learning experience in helping think about coping with future interviews as well as giving them more confidence in how to conduct themselves in a formal situation.

Caroline Adams, careers and work experience co-ordinator at St. Richard’s, said: “We are extremely grateful to all the employers for giving up their valuable time.

“It was a great success with the students gaining so much worthwhile experience from the interviews.”

The students will be completing week-long work placements this month with companies and organisations in the South East.