Good news for Little Common

Little Common Roundabout. 21/10/13
Little Common Roundabout. 21/10/13

Inspired by the story of Little Common veterans distressed by the appearance of the A259 roundabout, Cooden Beach hotel owner James Kimber has pledged to make sure this setting to the War Memorial looks fitting in the coming years.

He is sponsoring the roundabout for the next five years and admits he is paying “thousands of pounds” to Rother District Council for this to happen rose planting begins this Spring.

The Observer ran the story back in November of how Ernie Eldridge and other members of the Little Common branch of Royal British Legion took it on themselves to work on the roundabout which was in a state of neglect.

They were determined to make it look more cared-for in time for their parade and laying down of wreaths.

However Rother District Council agreed to have work done and its outdoor maintenance team was able to get the roundabout into better shape.

James saw the story in the Observer and realised the roundabout would soon get “into a terrible state” if more action was not taken.

He told the Observer: “I think it means a lot of the residents of Little Common. It is the centre of the village.

“I saw the story, and it has taken a long time to do this, but I could see it was getting in a terrible shape.”