Government inspectors back at Bexhill High

THE Department for Education was due to visit Bexhill High yesterday (Thursday April 27) for a progress report.

The academy has been in the spotlight from the DFE and OFSTED since it went into Special Measures last year.

Inspectors have been into the school on a number of occasions, and Interim Principal Andy Mortimer said he is confident there will be more good news on the way.

Recent judgements have said that Bexhill High is making ‘reasonable progress’ as it looks to make the OFSTED journey to Good. Speaking ahead of the visit, Mr Mortimer said: “All the feedback we have been receiving is positive. Of course there are some areas which remain our major areas of focus but I am confident that Bexhill High is very firmly on the road to coming out of Special Measures. When our visitors from the DFE and OFSTED come, please be clear that it is a very strict, thorough and rigorous process which tests Bexhill High as much as we could be. That’s why I am pleased that so far the overall verdicts have been positive.”

Head of School Darren Gelder said the purpose of yesterday’s visit was to look at the progress the academy is making and the changes being made to PODs.“We have already started converting one POD and others will be changed. This will ensure smaller groups are being taught, not the much-publicised 90. We have been told very clearly that the way forward is to teach students in smaller groups, and work is on-going on this.”