Health awareness day in town centre

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Rotarians were out and about in Bexhill town centre at the weekend for the club’s annual Health Awareness Day.

Members of Bexhill Rotary Club took to the streets to try and persuade people to have their blood pressure checked in a marquee outside the Post Office in Devonshire Square.

And more than 100 people took them up on the offer – with many undergoing a range of other health checks available on the day, including eye and hearing tests and body mass checks, all of which were provided free of charge.

Throughout the morning there was a steady flow of people being attended to by health professionals. And, as in previous years, as well as putting most people’s minds at rest and reinforcing the need for health checks to be carried out regularly, there were still some people who were alerted to ailments they were not aware of and, therefore, recommended to see their GP at the earliest opportunity.

Also in attendance in Devonshire Square to support the Bexhill Rotarians was the impressive sea going rowing boat, Bexhill College Endeavour, along with rower Nick McCorry and PR man Geoff Dixon.

Mr McCorry, along with his brother Phil, is taking up the Atlantic Challenge later this year when the pairwill attempt to row across the 2,921 miles of Atlantic Ocean – and raise raise money for St Mary’s special needs school in Wrestwood Road in the process.

Bexhill Rotarian Naz Manji, who organised the event, said: “I would like to say a big thank you to everybody who helped make this year’s Health Awareness Day so successful – all the Rotarians who were involved, Bexhill Sailing Club for the loan of their trestle tables and the health professionals who gave their willing and enthusiastic support and valuable time, so that we could provide this important service to the public.

“I would also like to thank Nick McCorry and Geoff Dixon and we wish them every success in their Atlantic Challenge later this year.”

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