Help buy a fairer future for children with bags of rice

Bexhill college students at the Fairtrade Fashion show ENGSUS00120130328125820
Bexhill college students at the Fairtrade Fashion show ENGSUS00120130328125820

The Fairtrade campaign urging shoppers to purchase ethically traded rice to buy a better future for children in Malawi has already proved successful in Bexhill.

Now the community has another chance to get involved by visiting the Fairtrade stall at St Peter and St Paul school fair tomorrow, from 11-3pm.

Former Bexhill Mayor Cllr Frances Winterborn was keen to involve Bexhill in selling fairly traded rice from Malawi - a country so poor that most cannot afford to buy rice at all and there is no free secondary education. However farmers are growing and selling rice now as a cash crop to send their chidren to school.

It only costs £234 to educate a pupil for a year in secondary - so buying 90 bags of rice will give a life opportunity of one year’s education.

Fairtrade committee chairman Jack Doherty said: “Already in Bexhill through selling rice at St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Our Lady of the Rosary, St Stephen’s, St Barnabas’, St Martha’s, St Mary Magdalen’s School, St Richard’s, and Bexhill High School we have enough to allow about seven pupils to get an education and give them a brighter future.

On Saturday morning at St Peter and St Paul’s fair we hope to sell more rice to break the cycle the poverty and build a better future. This form of trade has much more dignity for the producer than aid and is much more sustainable for the future.”

Cllr Winterborn said: “Come along and get your supply of rice -so easy. Education is so empowering for these pupils and the women and mothers of the future generations.”

If any other groups would like to partake in this venture please contact the Bexhill Fairtrade town committee on 01424 214605.

The Fairtrade committee are at present in the process of renewing the application to retain Fairtrade Town Status. They need to hear from any business, company, shop, church, cafe, guest house, hotel, organisation, which is either selling or using fairtrade products , such as tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate, cotton etc as soon as possible. For more visit