Historic BMX trails under threat in woods at Sidley

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Sidley could lose much loved BMX trails inside Levetts Woods because of safety concerns.

There have been bike jumps there for decades and the trails attract riders from all over Britain as well as providing somewhere for locals to ride.

However a report by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents could mean imminent action from Rother District Council because it considers parts of the trails are “extremely dangerous.”

One fan asked the Observer: “Please help save our trails at Sidley Woods. I spent my teenage years watching the riders up there work so hard. These trails have blood, sweat and tears poured into them...a place of determination and endurance, a sense of hope and admiration.”

BMX’er Ricky Bollington has started campaigning to save the trails having already seen trees marked out for removal.

Ricky has met with RDC officers to express distress at the potential loss and has another meeting on site this afternoon. He said: “I have been a part of the BMX community in Bexhill going on 30 years now . The dirt trails in Levetts Woods are a place where kids and adults go to ride their BMX bikes, they don’t cause trouble. The dirt jumps there take time to build, and I and others meet up and dig there, and have for a long time.”

He had never come across any incident of health and safety concern and said: “I feel the council could come to some agreement to keep it there. This is not the first trail to ever face being knocked down, but it has been there longer than most trails in England, and is well known. Other councils have helped other trail bikers - they have helped the kids in their area by working with them.”

Rother’s parks and leisure services manager Scott Lavocah said; “We are always keen to see facilities that support recreation and residents keeping active, but, due to safety concerns raised by an independent report, we have sought urgent discussions with Mr Bollington.

“RoSPA has concluded the track is extremely dangerous in places and that is something we have to consider very seriously, given it has been created on council land without our approval. However we have no desire to see something people enjoy close down, so we have met Mr Bollington to find a solution to the problem, make the land safe, and keep the track open.”