Hopes dashed for a new free school in Bexhill

Campaigners for a new free school in Bexhill have had their plan refused.

A group of parents worked for two years with Russell Education Trust towards a new community secondary school which would offer more choice to families.

They had over 1,100 signatures in support and their detailed proposal was submitted to the DfE in January.

Unfortunately it was rejected in May so the group took the plan directly to Education Secretary Michael Gove - however, “despite all efforts” the South Cliff proposal was turned down.

It was reasoned there was demand but no real need for a new school, while huge investment had already been made in Bexhill High and the opening of South Cliff would then not be cost effective, and would also have significant negative impact on the viability of the existing school which is improving.

Spokesperson Yee Lau said: “The group have fought for choice but unfortunately on this occasion, we have been rejected. We would like to thank all of the many parents who offered their help during these two years in this campaign for the education of our children.”