“Horrible drunk” viciously attacked female paramedic

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A drunk woman carried out a vicious assault on paramedics who were trying to help her.

Sarah Dedman, 31, of Egerton Road, Bexhill, pleaded guilty to assault with ABH and a further charge of assault when she appeared at Hastings Magistrates Court this week.

The assault took place last November after Dedman collapsed in London Road, St Leonards, after drinking a bottle of whisky and 12 strong beers.

The attack, on November 21, has left a female paramedic suffering from nightmares and insomnia more than two months on.

Mark Kateley, prosecuting, said: “She was intoxicated and the ambulance crew went to offer first aid.

“At first she was unconscious but then became verbally and physically aggressive, lashing out with both her hands and feet.

“She hit one paramedic, Gemma Fitzgerald in the face, displacing her jaw and continued lashing out punching her in the face again and punching the other paramedic Mark Costello in the chest.

“She later said she had started drinking on Wednesday evening and continued all day Thursday.

“She had drunk a bottle of whisky and 12 strong beers.

“Her last memory was of being outside the off-licence in London Road at 2.30pm then waking up in a police cell.

“She describes herself as a ‘horrible drunk’.

She has convictions going back over three years, including assaulting police in 2012 and public drunkenness. She is in breach of a conditional discharge imposed for being drunk in public last year.

“Gemma Fitzgerald suffered pain and discomfort and was unable to eat some foods for eight weeks.

“She had only recently moved to Hastings and says now she feels she has to start again.

“She says the unprovoked attack has caused nightmares and insomnia.

“Ambulance staff don’t do their job in expectation of being assaulted.”

Sam Wingfield, defending, said: “She is mortified and extremely remorseful for this. She has had a problem with alcohol for the past ten years.

“She can go without drink but when she starts she can’t stop. Once the alcohol has passed a certain limit her ability to keep aggression in check has gone.

“She has a two year old child who lives with her mother.”

Magistrates adjourned sentencing after calling for full probation reports.

They told Dedman they were keeping all their options open.