Houses to go for the Link Road

07/11/12- The Mears family from Bexhill, facing eviction from their home. Kirsty and Daniel Mears with Leo Cole
07/11/12- The Mears family from Bexhill, facing eviction from their home. Kirsty and Daniel Mears with Leo Cole

A SINGLE mum and her two children face the prospect of being made homeless as their cottage is set to be demolished to make way for the new link road.

Kirsty Mears, 31, along with sons, Daniel and Leo, are being evicted from their property in London Road next Wednesday (November 14). The family have lived in their three-bedroomed home for the past three years. Their cottage is at the end of a terrace of houses which, as part of redevelopments for the proposed Bexhill to Hastings link road, is set to be demolished. The row of cottages are owned by a private landlord and are being requisitioned by East Sussex County Council under a compulsory purchase order.

Despite currently living in a three-bedroom property Kirsty claims Rother District Council (RDC) has not offered her comparable suitable accommodation. Kirsty said: “I was served the legal two-month section 21 notice and was hoping the council would have helped find us somewhere similar to live.”

Kirsty says the council claim she is only entitled to ‘bid’ for a two-bedroom property which is not suitable for their needs. “Leo is five years old and has recently been diagnosed as autistic. Daniel is 13 and doing his GCSEs, It’s simply not viable for them to share a room. Why should we down-size? It’s very wrong and very infair”

Despite being packed and ready to up sticks, Kirsty says she is adamant they will stay put until RDC comes up with a viable alternative. “I’m not asking for a mansion but I am not leaving the cottage until they find us somewhere suitable.”

A RDC spokesperson said the council understands the difficult situation Miss Mears finds herself in with her landlord’s property being compulsory purchased by East Sussex County Council to make way for the Link Road scheme. “We have classed her need as one of maximum urgency and turned round this application to place her family on the housing register within four days.

“We have assessed the family’s housing need as requiring a two bedroom property. However, Miss Mears has informed us a three-bedroom home is essential – therefore we are awaiting documentation from her thatwill allow an independent assessment to take place and recommend whether a three-bedroom property is needed.

“We are very happy to discuss this process with her again and offer any support we can. Miss Mears will then be able to bid for suitable homes in the area, as they become available.”