Imaginations were captured during Brain Day at college

Brain day lecture by Dr Guy Sutton at Bexhill College
Brain day lecture by Dr Guy Sutton at Bexhill College

Bexhill College students were fascinated to learn more about the workings of the brain recently when they were visited by specialist neuroscientist Dr Guy Sutton, from the University of Nottingham Medical School.

Dr Sutton inspired with his talk about new developments in understanding of the brain and its many exciting applications, including thought-controlled prosthetic limbs and communicating with coma patients. Students studying a range of science subjects also enjoyed observing a sheep brain dissection and learning what is known about brain function.

All the students commented that this was a fascinating visit and that Dr Sutton was so enthusiastic about his area of expertise. AS Level Biology student Helen Craze commented: “It was a really amazing day and I came out with a really big smile on my face. It was inspiring and made me want to go into the lecture again.”

Clare Holmes, Head of Science and Maths, said: “Dr Sutton’s visit was an amazing opportunity for our students to experience university-style lectures and increase awareness of career opportunities in research and neuroscience. Guy is so passionate about his field and his talks last year inspired several of our students to apply to study neuroscience themselves.”