Kerala celebrations at Bexhill church

St Mary Magdalene Catholic Church Kerala community in Bexhill proudly celebrated its first ever Feast of the Sacred Heart in traditional Kerala style.

The holy mass and feast was led by Fr Joy Allappat.

Shaji Karinattu said: “Kerala is a unique state in the south of India and this occasion of proclaiming faith and celebration and taking it out to the streets is a very common event known as “Perunal”. The church and the surroundings were decorated in a carnival style which attracted the public. The main attraction was the procession (rally) around the church with colourful flags and Perunal umbrellas.The festive rhythms were performed by a professional traditional drumming team from Croydon which created the whole authentic Perunal ambience.

“Lots of members from the local community came and asked us about the occasion and took part in this celebration which was of approximately 350 people including children. Parish priests of St Mary Magdalene church Fr David Parmiter and Fr Simon Bray along with some of the church governors also took part in this all afternoon event. The celebration was followed by a shared meal in the St Mary Magdalene hall to end this joyous and auspicious day. On behalf of the St Mary Magdalene Kerala community and its Perunal commitee, I would like to thank the parish priests, governors, the public and each and everyone who came and supported us to make this Perunal successful and I really hope you enjoyed being part of our celebration and will continue to support us in all our future events.”