Labour candidate meets Ed Miliband

ed milliaband meeting michell thew
ed milliaband meeting michell thew

Bexhill and Battle Labour Prospective Parliamentary candidate Michelle Thew had the opportunity to meet with leader Ed Miliband during his visit to Hastings on Friday. This took place on the same day as Prime Minister David Cameron visited Eastbourne in the aftermath of the devastating fire on the pier.

“What a comparison to talk to Ed about the inequalities and neglect of voters in Bexhill and Battle, compared to the sudden rush to support a marginal seat where the Tories hope to win at the next General Election, “ said Michelle.

“Ed was concerned to hear about the low salaries for employees across our area, even though it appears on the outside to be affluent.

It is also ironic that Tories have pushed through massive cuts to the Fire Service, including threats to downgrade Battle Fire Station, when such an incident as the pier highlights the need for a fully funded and manned emergency service.

Other areas of concern that we discussed were high levels of social care and health costs because of the elderly population and the need to support rural businesses and improve public transport access for all ages.”