Learn about fossils and dinosaurs

geology book on bexhill and hastings coastline
geology book on bexhill and hastings coastline

On Sunday there will be an illustrated talk on local fossils and dinosaurs by Ken Brooks at 2.30pm at the Shipwreck Museum, Rock-a-Nore, Hastings.

This will also include an opportunity to examine dinosaur bones and other fossils.

The talk (adults £3 and children £2) will be followed at 3.30pm by the launch of Ken’s new book ‘Geology and Fossils of the Hastings Area’ which also includes Bexhill.

The book begins with two local field trips, where various rocks and fossils are identified and then used to reconstruct a vivid picture of life in South-East England around 140 million years ago. The coast from Hastings to Bexhill is one of the best areas in Britain for discovering the fossilised bones and teeth of sharks, crocodiles, turtles, dinosaurs and flying reptiles. There are also huge three-toed footprints which provide evidence that dinosaurs actually walked here. Where to find fossils and how to recognise them is explained in a clear and informative style with the aid of excellent diagrams and colour photographs. Most of the specimens illustrated were collected and photographed by the author.

There are additions at the end of the book, including a glossary, further reading and information about fossil displays and geological societies.

Ken is a former stone-mason who made a career change and qualified as a schoolteacher. His interest in geology was inspired by children who brought fossils to school for identification. Studies in Earth Sciences with the Open University eventually led to the post of adult tutor for the University of Sussex. In 1992 Ken founded the Hastings and District Geological Society, and was later awarded the Halstead Medal by the Geologists’ Association for his promotion of local geology.