Let’s do it anyway say charity walkers

Homecall visit to Battle Abbey
Homecall visit to Battle Abbey

When Homecall Vice President Rita Wright and husband Barry heard that the Bexhill Rotary Club would not hold its annual charity walk this year they were deeply disappointed.

The event is a popular local event which sees individuals and groups seize the chance to raise signicant funds for their own causes by joining in one of three organised circular walks which start from St Richards catholic college. The walk was not held this year because of link road constuction work across some of the route.

Homecall Manager Maureen Daley said: “Undeterred they decided that they would do their own 15 mile sponsored walk in order to raise funds for their favourite charity - Homecall, which is a local charity for the visually impaired.

They mentioned this to their friend Andrew Steele who is somewhat younger than our septuagenarian walkers (Rita is 74years young and Barry a mere 76 years) and Andrew decided there and then that for the ‘sake of health and safety’ he should accompany them on their 15 mile walk.

All three set off on Sunday 1st June, their route took them from Bexhill to Battle with a pit-stop at Crowhurst for much needed refreshment along the way.

The round trip took them a total of 6½ hours and between the three they raised an amazing £325.

Maureen added: “I am amazed and delighted and knowing the determination of the pair I am not at all surprised that they not only completed the walk but did so in good time. I would also like to say a big thank you not only to Barry, Rita and Andrew for doing the walk but also to everyone who sponsored them and in doing so is helping to support the work of our charity which relies totally on fundraising, donations and legacies as we receive no statutory funding.”

If you would like more information on Homecall contact Maureen on 01424 214458.