Let’s fight this together says Bexhill family

jack and dave matthews - fundraiser for royal marsden cancer charity
jack and dave matthews - fundraiser for royal marsden cancer charity

A Bexhill dad is urging the public to get behind his son’s selfless fundraiser tomorrow for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Twenty year old Jack Matthews will be having his head shaved, with his mate Dan Suggett, at 3pm by hairdresser Emma Hellier in Sackville Road.

Jack has been inspired to do this by seeing his older brother David being treated for a rare form of cancer at the world famous hospital.

David, who lives with partner Emily in Magdalen Road in St Leonards, has been diagnosed with stage four Ewings Sarcoma and is undergoing intense treatment including punishing chemotherapy.

Mick Matthews, of Dallington Close, is asking everyone to support Jack and Dan’s effort and said: “Let’s all stand together to fight this.”

Mick has paid tribute to his family - which also includes Michael, Nathan, Andrew and Lana - and the way they have faced this crisis “with pure courage and determination.”

Mick commented: “David is 22 years old and is my second youngest son. The fifth of my sixth children. He is not just my son. He is also with his siblings my best friend. He met Emily over a year ago and came home and told me - Dad, I’ve met the girl I’m going to marry. They have planned their future together and nothing is going to come between them. We are all individuals but also we are all links in a family chain. Now I’m asking everyone of you to make a donation to the Royal Marsden Hospital to beat this awful disease.

“Do this for each and every person you know has or has had cancer. This is now something so close to my heart. I have now witnessed first hand what Royal Marsden do and it has totally amazed me.”

David himself has already had his hair shaved off in advance of losing it and said this week he was planning to be “as light-hearted about this as possible”: “I am going to be fine... whatever it takes - chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, I am going to beat this.

“Everyone’s love and support has been like a coach mentally preparing me for this fight, which has worked, I am ready, let’s beat cancer.”

This week he posted on Facebook: “So there is only a few days until Jack and Dan shave their heads to be like my bald self for the Royal Marsden. Thank you so much to everyone who has already shared the link or donated. For anyone that hasn’t please... The Royal Marsden is an amazing place. You’re money is going to an incredible cause, and they’re saving my life.”

To donate go to Jack and Dan’s Shave for Dave on JustGiving to donate to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity - they have already far exceeded their target of £500 and rapidly approaching a total of £3,000 this week.